Jackson School of The Arts Holding “Epic Launch Campaign”

The Jackson School of the Arts is launching a matching funds campaign, which starts Tuesday. Executive Director Kim Curtis invites the entire public to check out the progress being made at the Masonic Temple, 157 Cortland.

“Tuesday we’re calling it an epic launch campaign. This is an opportunity for anyone who makes a donation in the next 30 days to have that doubled through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). This campaign will enable us to raise the funds needed to create an amazing community space right on the first floor, right on the main level, of the Masonic Temple. The event itself will be short and fun, and will people the opportunity to see what we’re creating downtown.” Curtis said. When we asked how things were going with the fundraising, Curtis was upbeat that they are so close to a milestone. “We are rounding the corner to $2 million, we’ve got a little ways to go, but we think with this campaign it’ll put it on people’s minds a little more; and then anyone who makes a donation will have it matched, so we’re going to get there.”