Shotwell Talks Grandstands and ‘Road Robots’

The County has a new machine to take care of potholes.

Not quite a robot, but a machine that reduces the number of staff needed while reducing the time it takes to patch up a pothole. County Chairman Steve Shotwell joined us to explain. “Instead of having to send two or three guys out to fill potholes, this machine carries five thousand pounds of hot mix,” Shotwell said. “It will vacuum out the pothole, stones and everything, blows out all the water and debris out of the pothole, warms the hole, puts the hot mix and everything into it and then has got a roller on it that is designed to tap it all down and make it part of the road’s surface. Takes us three minutes a pothole.”

Shotwell said that he hopes to utilize this as much as possible throughout the county. If you know of a pothole and would like to report it, call 788-4230.

In addition to the new road machine, Chairman Shotwell took some time to vehemently destroy a rumor. When asked about the rumor that the fairground grandstands were being demolished, Shotwell was adamant, saying, “NOT TRUE. What we are doing is we’re putting in a disability pathway to the stands, making it all-accessible. Getting things organized down there so the grandstands can be used by all Jacksonians,” Shotwell said. “It’s been a little hard for the handicapped people to use it, and we’re solving that problem.”