COVID-19 Numbers update Thursday, March 26, 2020

The number of COVID-19 cases in the state of Michigan has climbed to 2,856 in the last day. This is partly due to an increased number of test results being returned from the commercial processing labs after some initial wait time.

In Jackson, 17 cases of COVID-19 are being reported. There have been no Jackson-based deaths associated with COVID-19 at this point.

The highest concentration of cases is in the city of Detroit, with 851 confirmed positive results.

We are seeing some new data in this report, including the cumulative number of specimens tested for COVID-19. This data was last updated at 1pm on 3/25/20:

 Lab Type Negative Tests Positive Tests Total Specimens Tested
  Commercial 713 30 744
  Hospital 3296 1866 5261
  Public Health 2541 557 3104
  Grand Total 6550 2453 9109

Henry Ford Allegiance Health says their drive-through screening center / COVID-19 clinic at One Jackson Square is open, however, patients are asked to call the MyCare hotline to request an appointment before coming in person. This way, they can determine who is in the highest need of a test.