Art, Beer, and Wine Festival Returning June 8

One of, if not the biggest event of the year for Ella Sharp Museum, the Art, Beer, and Wine Festival returns June 8th from 1 until 7pm at the Museum. The event is presented by County National Bank.

After a massive turnout last year, they have elected to cap ticket sales this year. “Last year, we had 5,700 attendees. This year, we’ve capped ticket sales at 6,000. If you’re planning on coming, you need to do it sooner rather than later. VIP has already sold out, there are no more of those left,” said Angela Machnik, who is the Event Planner in charge of the event. “We have 150 vendors this year; 50 artists, a variety of them doing wood, glass, fiber, jewelry, photography. There will be an opportunity for you to buy any of the things that they have made. We have 24 breweries, 10 wineries, 11 specialty beverage providers, and about 15 food vendors. Some of the breweries and wineries we have locally, others throughout the state of Michigan. We try to encourage Michigan stuff for people to come and try out.”

A sales tent will be available for attendees to purchase products.

For tickets, click here, or call 787-2320