Street Construction In City Continues

Construction on four City of Jackson streets is set to start within the next week.

The streets are located in downtown Jackson and in a north side neighborhood. The first two streets getting attention haven’t seen substantial repairs in decades. Starting on Wednesday, May 8, crews will begin construction on S. Park Avenue and Elizabeth Street from E. Michigan Avenue to S. Van Dorn Avenue. The streets are located alongside the Jackson Train Station in downtown Jackson. City records show that the current pavement is from 1958 and last received a seal coating in 1986. Large potholes have formed, revealing the former brick street underneath.

While crews work outside the Train Station, they will also address a crumbling street on the city’s north side. Madison Avenue between Clinton Road and West Avenue was last paved in 1970. Madison is often used as a connector road between the busy West Avenue shopping area and a north side neighborhood. The current street condition is very poor with large potholes forming.


Park/Elizabeth and Madison are bundled together as one project, with a total cost of $184,025 that’s funded through city street funds and special tax assessments. Crews will mill the street surface and add a new layer of pavement, along with upgrading sidewalks and replacing damaged curbs. These projects are set to wrap up in late May.


Starting later in the week is construction on a major street in downtown Jackson. W. Michigan Avenue from Blackstone Street to First Street is receiving a major overhaul that will continue streetscape improvements in the downtown area. Crews will remove and replace the full depth of pavement, along with the antiquated brick sanitary sewer. Sidewalks, parking orientation, landscaping, and lighting will also be replaced to match the rest of Michigan Avenue in the downtown area.

The total cost of the project is $978,076, which is funded through city street funds and special tax assessments. Construction is set to wrap up in mid-August.

All of these streets will be closed to through traffic while construction is underway. Access to driveways and businesses will be maintained throughout the road work.