JSO Presents West Side Story Saturday



The JSO continues their celebration of Leonard Bernstein’s 100th birthday and influence on American music this Saturday.

The orchestra heads to the Potter Center for JSO’s “The Music of West Side Story”. Maestro Matt Aubin is very excited about this performance. “I think Bernstein’s music is pretty jazzy and so that kind of fits in but this piece is really interesting,” Aubin said.

This piece isn’t directly from the movie, but Aubin says that ‘The Symphonic Dances’ takes its inspiration from all the famous songs within the Broadway musical. “A lot of people know ‘The Mambo’, or ‘Maria’, or ‘Somewhere’; ‘America’. Lots of famous Broadway tunes. This is called ‘The Symphonic Dances’ from West Side Story. After the musical, they did the movie in 1961, and then shortly thereafter Bernstein put together this suite.”

The show begins at 7:30pm at the Potter Center. For tickets, call 782-3221.