Jackson Mayor Discusses New State Leadership

Jackson Mayor Derek Dobies has ties to the top two elected officials in the state, having worked with Lieutenant Governor on projects, as well as working for Governor Gretchen Whitmer while she served in the Senate.

Mayor Dobies was able to attend the inauguration events. “I saw the new Supreme Court Justices get sworn in, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Lieutenant Governor,” Dobies said. “I listened to Governor Whitmer, and then Danielle (Dobies) and I were also able to go to the Inauguration Celebration down in Detroit at Cobo Hall the other night. I got to talk to (Lt. Gov.)Garland (Gilchrist). I’ve worked with him in the past when he was working for the City of Detroit and I was on City Council, we were both working on our Open Data Policies.”

“I’m excited to see what can be done in 2019.”