Jackson County Lays Groundwork For 10-Year Plan

Jackson County Commissioners were busy laying the groundwork yesterday for their next 10-year strategic plan.


Chairman Steve Shotwell said that this is quite extensive and gives a vision for county government until 2030. “It’s an organized process, in the past we’ve involved the public, and we intend to do that again so Jackson County can move forward from 2020 until 2030.” Shotwell said. “We bring in a consulting firm to assist us in all this because it’s quite involved. It’s not a simple process.”

When asked what the biggest assist that the county gets from the consulting group in a project like this: “The biggest assist is that you have a third party that can actually sit down with all the different organizations. When we did this ten years ago, we involved the school system, we involved economic development, we involved public safety, we involved healthy communities. As a result of this, you saw the Math Makes a Difference program, and you saw the implementation of conversations between superintendents and Jackson College, and direct involvement with all the different high schools.” Shotwell said.