New Marriage Matters Director Talks What’s Next

Mike Ortell is the new Executive Director of Marriage Matters Jackson, His background is very diverse,


“I graduated from Spring Arbor, (and) Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky. I am an ordained minister for the Methodist denomination for the USA. I (was a) Pastor for 12 years, been working with hospice for the last 3 and a half years. Been with Families First Michigan here in Jackson County as well as Branch and Hillsdale Counties.” Ortell said.

Ortell also told WKHM that they have no interest in wholesale changes to the program and the mission, but rather, Ortell looks to expand beyond just the husband and wife dynamic. “To say that we’re changing it, absolutely not. Still focused on marriages and those relationships. We’re expanding it. A lot of our events have been focused on the couples themselves. We want to include the whole family unit.” Ortell said.

A 2-day family conference, “Love Never Fails 2018” is set for October 26th and 27th. Friday the 26th is set for 6pm at the Jackson Nazerene Church, and Saturday the 27th is 11am at Cascades Manor House. For more info, or tickets, visit