Jackson Mayor Derek Dobies Discusses Marijuana In The City

Following the discussion last night at the city council meeting on the topic of whether to opt-out of allowing marijuana related businesses, Jackson Mayor Derek Dobies shared with WKHM where the city stands.

Where do they stand? A firm shoulder shrug until the vote shakes out, but it sounds like they’d be in, with some scrutiny on where and how it would be handled. “As a community, and society, and particularly as a state, have been evolving on the issue.” Mayor Dobies said. :People have voted to legalize medical marijuana ten years ago now, five years ago now they decriminalized it for an ounce within the city of Jackson.” Dobies understands that there a lot more to it than just opening up shops or not in the city. “I think we’ve been figuring out and been more accepting of marijuana within our community, and if there’s a vote to legalize it statewide, we’ll figure out what the means in terms of our regulation.”