Bright Walls Draws Closer

The wait is almost over.

Bright Walls begins October 4, and we spoke with one of the key coordinators Jackie Austin who said, “At the end, there will be 15 murals up in downtown Jackson, in a single block actually between Pearl, Louis Glick, Jackson, and Mechanic Streets. You can go down right now and see all the walls that are prepped, and how we’re starting to pull things together. Everything kicks off at Thursday at noon, with a ribbon cutting event, and we’ll have muralists painting for six days straight.”

Austin was particularly proud of the building owners not only allowing Bright Walls to paint a wall, but taking it a step further and painting their other walls as well. “All the building owners are heavily involved in the project and are super excited about in it.”

The event is free and open to the public. For more information, visit