Civil War Muster Prepares For Weekend At New Home

The Civil War Muster, which is set for this weekend, has a new home at Ella Sharp Park.

Kim Conant from the Civil War Muster joined WKHM to discuss the motive behind the move. “When we got our own non-profit a couple of years ago, we did it under an educational non-profit, and we would like to offer more education. We can do that by partnering with Ella Sharp Museum, which is only smart to have it closer, so we’re actually partnering with the City and the Park.”

In addition to the muster itself, the museum will be open with Civil War displays, as well as the planetarium and the Ella Sharp farmhouse will be open for tours.

One perk of the move is the additional space. At the previous site, people were unaware that you could visit the authentic camps of the Armies. Conant added, “Union and Confederate camps will be huge, stretched out all over (Maplewood Dr). It’ll be a blocked road that you can walk down to access the camps, and please visit them. They’d love to have you visit them.”

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