City Council Hopes To Fill Vacancy August 14

The Jackson City Council meets again on Tuesday, August 14 and they will, once again, try to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of 5th Ward City Councilman Andrew Frounfelker.

Jackson Mayor Derek Dobies said that the same three candidates will be back, Susan Murdie, Peter Bormouth, and Charles Keeling. Dobies said that while Murdie has had her finger on the pulse, Charles Keeling has significant financial experience. “She certainly ran for office a couple of times before, all of the candidates were knowledgeable about what’s going on. Susan has run for office a couple of times before, Peter is a regular attendee of the council meetings, I think Chuck is from Jackson and has experience working on issues that directly effect the city. He’s spent 25 years or so working on pensions. I think all of the candidates come with different skill sets and different positives.” Dobies said.

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