What’s On Tap For Wednesday At The Jackson County Fair

Wednesday is a busy day at the Fair, including tonight’s classic rock show.

At 9:00am, the 4-H Dairy and Goat Judging begins. On the Gumper Stage, Zumba Exhibitions at 11:00am and 6:30am. The fair rides begin operation at 2:00pm, and the hospitality tent opens at 5:00pm.

On the main stage, it’s classic rock night with Eddie Money and Night Ranger.

Eddie Money has spoken freely about nearly losing his life to a drug overdose. Thankfully, we hung onto him. “I was drinking a lot of vodka, and I thought I was snorting some cocaine, but it turned out to be this fentanyl; which is the same thing that killed Prince.” Money said that during his drug use, he destroyed the sciatic nerve in his left leg, and required a walker to get to his recording studio to record his hit album No Control (1982).

Eddie is a changed man now, married and with children; all of whom still live at home. Money says that’s the way he wants it. After No Control and the drug abuses, he realized that it can happen to anyone. He says, “I got my five children I love dearly, and I’d do everything I can for them; but I’m actually glad they all still live at home, because I can keep an eye on them.”

Money and Night Ranger take the stage at 7:00pm at the main grandstand stage.