City of Jackson Issues Statement On False Abduction Claim

A woman who claimed that she was nearly abducted on July 2nd has indicated to Jackson Police that the claim was false, the JPD announced on July 10.

The woman initially said she went to Loomis Park on July 2 for lunch, but was disrupted by a man in a black SUV who said she could come be a model in Detroit. When she declined to enter the vehicle, she claimed that man grabbed her arm so she was unable to escape. The city said in a statement.

“This information came to us through several Facebook posts making people aware of the incident,” said Elmer Hitt, Director of Police and Fire Services. “This type of false information spreads quickly via social media and causes undue alarm and concern to all citizens but more so to those living in the Loomis Park neighborhood.”

“Such falsehoods surely has a damaging impact on our city, the 2nd Ward, and Loomis Park,” said Jackson Mayor Derek Dobies. “False reports create a panic in our community, divert needed resources and perpetuates a negative stereotype in and of our community.”

The City of Jackson wants it clear that this behavior will not be tolerated. City officials urge citizens to immediately call the Jackson Police Department if they believe a false report has been filed.