Two Dead in Area Drownings

Two men drowned during the mid-week holiday on area lakes.

The first, 42-year old Dennis Henderson drowned in Vandercook Lake. Police responded to Vandercook Lake around 9pm on July 3rd after calls of a man possibly drowning. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office report stated that Henderson was on a floating mat with a woman and two children. The mat overturned; but only the woman and children resurfaced. At around 10:30pm, Henderson was located underwater and taken to Henry Ford Allegiance Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

55-year old Vern Southworth was on Wolf Lake, when witnesses reportedly spotted him struggling in the water. Nearby boaters attempted to help him but were unsuccessful. The call to police came approximately 45 minutes after the first call at Vandercook Lake. Police divers were unable to locate Southworth until the following afternoon, July 4th, at which time he was declared deceased.

Jackson County Sheriff Steven Rand discusses the two incidents.

Lakegoers are encouraged to wear personal flotation devices (PFDs) at all times when on the water and be aware of their surroundings at all times. Boaters are required to have PFDs on board for all passengers; and children are required to wear their PFDs at all times.