Battle To Replace Justice Kennedy Is Already Simmering

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy recently announced his intention to retire from the bench. This announcement has already sparked a battle of his potential replacement. ABC’s Tara Palmeri reports that the President already has a short list of 5 potential nominees, but will need to tread carefully within his own party, as they hold just a single vote majority in the Senate.

Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan gave her opinion on this issue as well. “This is very serious and very consequential in terms of our quality of life, health care, women’s reproductive choice; there’s so many issues that are going to be on the line.”

Justice Kennedy replaced Justice Lewis Powell in February of 1988 after an appointment by President Ronald Reagan. The 81 year-old Kennedy is often the deciding vote in 5-4 decisions by the court. His retirement is scheduled to be effective July 31.