Concern For Lawn Overgrowth Leads To Cleanup

During our weekly conversation with Jackson Mayor Derek Dobies, we brought up a yard that was a bit out of control, right in the heart of downtown. The long-vacant Citizen Patriot building on the corner of South Jackson and Washington began to sprout a bit of a jungle on the South Jackson facing side of the property. With new owners yet to begin construction on the proposed project on the site, it needed to be tended to.

Mayor Dobies took our concern to heart, and a crew began work right away cleaning up the mess. WKHM needs to send a big thanks to Mayor Dobies, and adds that if you have a concern over a lawn, pothole, or other issue inside the city limits, you are encouraged to submit a report via the City of Jackson’s website.

To hear our entire conversation with Mayor Dobies, click here.