Program Schedule

Monday – Friday

1am-5am Coast-to-Coast AM
UFO’s and other unexplained phenomena.
5am-6am The Wall Street Journal Report
The most comprehensive business news broadcast.
6am-10am AM Jackson with Greg O’Connor
Wake up mornings with Greg O’Connor.
10am-12pm Talk Back Jackson
Where Jackson comes to have their views heard.
12pm-3pm Rush Limbaugh
America’s Number 1 talk program
3pm-6pm Sean Hannity Show
Gutsy talk show host always lands on the “right side”.
6pm-9pm The Dave Ramsey Show
Life, Love & Relationships and how they happen to revolve around money.
9pm-10pm Free Talk Live
What’s on your mind? Call 1-855-450-FREE
10pm-1am FOX Talk Radio
Talk news like only FOX can give you.




Coast-to-Coast AM
UFO’s and other unexplained phenomena.
PRN’s Pit Reporters
7am-8am American’s First News with Gordon Deal
This program covers a broad range of topics such as business, finance, lifestyle, careers, technology, and more
8am-9am AM Saturday with Mike Reed
Get information you need and interviews you want!
10am-12pm The Handyman Show
Clear, concise how-to advice from America’s Handyman Glenn Haege
12:00pm-1pm Made In America
1pm-3pm Business Rockstars
3pm-4pm Life in the Groove
4pm-7pm Handel On The Law
A unique combination of useful legal advice
7pm-10pm Free Talk Live
talk radio that ANYONE can take control of
10pm-Midnight Sam Sorbo


12am-8:30am Coast To Coast AM
UFO’s and other unexplained phenomena.
8:30am-10am Polka Time
10am-11:30am AM Lutheran Hour
11:30am-12pm Church of God
12pm-2pm Travel Show 
The Most Credibe Travel Advice on Radio
2pm-5pm Leo LePorte – The Tech Guy
5pm-7pm The Pet Show
An animal lovers best friend
7pm-10pm Ben Furgeson Show
up-to-date news and current events affecting our world
10pm-1am Live On Sunday Night, It’s Bill Cunningham
“Voice of the Common Man”
  • Dan Gough

    I like the new web site, I listen to your show on my computer, ever 15 to 20 minutes the radio feed stops and I have to restart the program.