Sheriff Steve Rand Makes a Statement

Jackson County Sheriff Steve Rand issued a statement Monday afternoon about discriminatory remarks he is accused of making, allegedly creating a hostile work environment, and the charges made by Sheriff’s Lieutenant Tommy Schuette.  Sheriff Rand in his own words…


  • Mary Kaspr


  • Mary Kaspr


  • Tom Zonts

    You have lost any trust with this community, and the fact that you feel because you did I “ behind closed doors” is any better is gut wrenching. If The jackson and state officials do not get rid of you , nobody in this town ever feel safe or understood again.

  • Connie Sode

    Inappropriate? For God sakes they were more than inappropriate. They were racist, sexist, discriminatory, bigoted and just awful. All this coming from someone who is supposed to be a leader in his community. If this man keeps his job than there is no hope for this community. Those people who stand behind him have rotten souls.