Group Files Appeal to Stop Quarry in Grass Lake

On Monday a law firm,McKenney & Philbrick, PC,  filed a “Claim of Appeal” with the Jackson County Circuit Court on behalf of the “Friends of Grass Lake Township” and requesting a “stay” on the October 12th, 2017 decision by the Grass Lake Charter Township Planning Commission to allow L & L Development to move forward with an aggregate mining operation at 1180 Norvell Rd.

The Friends of Grass Lake Township list many potential consequences from the mining operation with a belief that the Planning Commission did not properly consider them when approving the permit.

The stated consequences by the Friends of Grass Lake Township include:

– The extraction operation will have a negative effect on property values for neighboring properties and Grass Lake Township; have a negative effect on local business; an adverse effect on roadways and traffic, and the potential to contaminate or adversely affect the water supply for neighboring residents.

– The proposed extraction operation will be a nuisance and disturbing to the neighboring uses.

– The decision violates the multiple aspects of the Master Plan, adopted by the Planning Commission and the Board of Trustees on December 13, 2016; “New development will generally reflect existing rural character;” the encroachment of commercial and industrial uses into residential areas will be discouraged; the Residential Development Goal will be encouraged which reflects, reserves, the community values and character of Grass Lake Township.